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Put a ⁈ in my ask, I’ll generate a number, and your character will walk in on mine…


  1. Kissing a photo of a celebrity
  2. Putting on cosplay
  3. Having some ‘private time’
  4. Admiring their own naked body in the mirror
  5. Headbanging to classical music
  6. Trying on the frilliest dress ever imagined
  7. Shouting angrily at someone who’s not there
  8. Having a passionate argument with themselves
  9. Wailing uncontrollably over a book
  10. Dancing like an idiot
  11. Singing along to a musical
  12. Having an emotional moment
  13. Hatching a brilliant plan
  14. Writing in a super-duper secret diary
  15. Doing something so very illegal, you couldn’t imagine
  16. Pleasuring themselves to your muse’s name
  17. Screaming down the phone in a foreign language
  18. Curled up on the floor with a photo album hugged to their chest
  19. Cleaning an old scar
  20. Sitting in the middle of an empty, blood-covered room, dressed all in grey, glowering at your muse with a poisonous look

Some Places Are Better Left Unexplored (Horror Au) (Open)


Near the outskirts of Arcadia, there stands the ruins of a once great castle. Legends say that the family who lived there ruled for generations. However, their reign came to an abrupt end. In the year 1854, there was a terrible plague that swept the land. The entire family died of the disease. After that, no royal family lived there. 

Then in the early 1900’s, there were reports of people practicing all sorts of occult rituals, stirring up a copious amount of activity. Now, in the present, something, or someone, has once again stirred up the activity. Of course people came to investigate, but many came out severely traumatized, some scarred for life. It has officially been five years since anyone has set foot on those ruins. Until now, that is. Two people who have never met will come here, and hopefully they will survive the terror that awaits them.

I was a tad bit nervous, since this would be the first time I would investigate a place of this size. I took a deep breath, and started to walk towards the ruins. I had no clue what horrors would await me, and one other person, in the Castle of Arcadia.

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